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Due to the major cutback in school funding, the schools have had the responsibility of finding new and different ways to fundraise. This is becoming an increasingly difficult task.  We can help!

The New Forum Rollers Centre can help you with your fundraising in a fun way.  We are offering 2 hours of skating for only $200.00 plus GST.   You can hold your own private session any day of the week (Monday to Friday) throughout the day, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 6 - 8 or 7 - 9 PM, or on Saturdays from 4:30 - 6:30 PM.

Make a fun event out of it.   Invite students, parents, siblings and friends.  Charge only $2.00 (or more depending on your preference) per person and watch the profits grow.  Everything raised over the $200.00 plus GST is profit for your school. THE MORE YOU INVITE, THE MORE MONEY YOU RAISE!!!!!

You might even want to do a skate-a-thon to raise money.

We include regular skates (four wheels) in this price and we encourage people to bring their own skates or rollerblades.  Rollerblades are also available for rental at $2.50.

We are also offering, starting in September 2004, school trips to the Forum for $2.00 per student (over 100 students) and $200.00 (under 100 students) for 2 hours of skating.

Have your gym class here for $100.00 for 1 hour.